Online Video for Mobile Devices

Mobile Video for All DevicesWith over 2 billion video-friendly mobile devices in place around the world, mobile video delivery has become a key focus for media companies. But keeping up with mobile video technology on your own is expensive and time-consuming. Partnering with a mobile delivery provider cuts the complexity and gets you back to the business of delighting your viewers.

Mobile Video by Ooyala

Ooyala has everything you need for mobile video, from iOS Flash video to a universal video player to new ways to deliver mobile video for Android. Ooyala’s integrated suite of technologies and services offers the mobile compatibility you need to deliver online mobile video at top quality -- and earn more as you do.

Mobile Video: Tomorrow’s TV, Today

Why mobile video? Because the heyday of the set-top box looks like it’s drawing to a close. Consumers now get almost a third of their video through mobile browsers and apps. As mobile device usage skyrockets, mobile internet traffic grows and mobile device technology continues to evolve.

Businesses that want to capitalize on this shift need a comprehensive platform that can manage everything from mobile uploads to a Flash player SDK, reduce their time-to-market and optimize their video revenues. Ooyala does all this and more with mobile delivery, including:

video for mobile devices

Mobile Video Players

Ooyala’s options range from a mobile Flash player to a universal video player that works with a wide range of devices, including Android and Chromecast. Your video can reach any mobile device that supports the Flash player -- and those that don’t.

Mobile Player SDK

Whether you develop video for iOS or Android, a fully-featured mobile SDK is at your fingerprints. And as you develop for other mobile platforms, our broad APIs make delivering unique video a breeze.

Mobile Experiences

It’s not enough to simply deliver video to all mobile devices: the experience has to be exceptional to grow and maintain engagement. Ooyala gives every mobile device user the best possible video quality through mobile browsers or mobile apps.

Mobile video across devices

Mobile Apps

Ooyala customers deploy a wide range of mobile apps on all device types, platforms and networks. We make it easy to cast video from a mobile device to Chromecast, Apple TV, or other platforms.

Mobile Web

Ooyala’s mobile web tools deliver you best even when you don’t have a mobile app, with video dynamically tuned to whichever mobile device your viewer uses.

Ooyala Makes Mobile Video a Reality

Ooyala powers mobile video delivery through our core platform and through integration with leading partners like Google, iStreamPlanet and Microsoft. We combine the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD), and subscription (SVOD) to help your mobile video drive sustainable revenues.

Companies like Media Prima, Sky Uk, and The Telegraph, use Ooyala’s mobile video delivery to to entertain and delight their users. Our real-time analytics can help improve returns on any mobile video strategy. From ad monetization, to download-to-own environments, to extensive subscription-driven offerings, Ooyala customers are building the next generation of mobile video.

Is your video reaching every viewer on every device you want it to? It’s not easy.

Delivering premium video content to multiple devices on multiple platforms can be complex. This white paper by Frost & Sullivan analyst Dan Rayburn looks at the growth of mobile viewership, the fragmentation of Android devices and Ooyala’s video playback solution for Android.


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