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The key to future-proofing your content supply chain: Ooyala Flex Media Platform
Monday, July 9, 2018

The demands for first-to-market video content, at the highest quality and lowest cost are exploding. Are you prepared to keep up? To help you respond, Ooyala recently launched the Ooyala Flex Media Platform. It will change the way your content is distributed and monetized throughout its lifespan.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform serves each stage of the supply chain, from pre-production to delivery including data insights and reporting. The platform is built on 3 major pillars: flexible and configurable workflows, rich and powerful business-led metadata, and data-driven analytics.

Ooyala-branded applications support key parts of the supply chain, such as acquisition with OoyalaMOVE, asset management with OoyalaMAM, approval workflows wtih OoyalaREVIEW, encoding and DRM with OoyalaADAPT, video player with OoyalaPLAY, and live streaming with OoyalaLIVE. Ooyala applications can fulfill the needs of every stage end-to-end, or focus on specific areas and workflows. We’ll help whether your company produces, aggregates, distributes or does it all.

A wide ecosystem of partners plug into the Ooyala Flex Media Platform to provide bonus features: auto-QC, storage, post-production, AI, e-commerce, and more. We work closely with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Avid, Aspera, Telestream, and others to give our clients a powerful and unified supply chain.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform builds on our best-of-breed pre-existing solutions. It’s highly configurable, so you can decide exactly how to deploy and use it. Among the multitude of use cases that we can address, four solutions stand out in response to current market demands:

Each solution can evolve and grow with your business, while integrating with existing and new tools. It’s never been easier to offer a new service or onboard new license partners. One recent client implementation cut content processing time from 3 weeks to 3 days, vastly exceeding expectations. That client is now planning to skyrocket its content distribution to more licensees and wider audiences.

Existing Ooyala customers can benefit from the Ooyala Flex Media Platform immediately. Contact your Ooyala representative to find out how we can help. Ooyala is helping media and enterprise organizations modernize and streamline their content supply chain. Our future-proof solutions engage more audiences on more platforms and boost your revenue opportunities.

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