Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips is President and CEO of Media6Degrees. Tom co-founded Spy magazine in 1986 and was a member of the original management team of Starwave in 1993, where he led the teams that developed,, and He became CEO of in 1998 and sold that company to Google and eBay in 2001. He joined Google in 2006 and served as Director of Media Platforms and Director of DoubleClick before establishing the Search & Analytics team. Tom has a B.A. in applied mathematics from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford.

Jay Parikh

Jay Parikh is Director of Engineering at Facebook, leading the software and operations teams that scale Facebook’s infrastructure to support the company’s millions of global users, developers and partners. Jay was earlier the SVP of Engineering and Operations at Ning and VP of Engineering at Akamai Technologies, where he helped build the world’s largest and most globally-distributed computing platform. Jay serves as a technology advisor to several early-stage companies. He has a B.S. degree from Virginia Tech University.

David Yang

David Yang is a partner in the CID Group and has spent nearly two decades working at the intersection of law, finance, and technology. David co-founded the Taiwan incubator firm Future Technology Consulting, which provides legal and advisory work to technology start-ups. David was a director of Youngfast Optoelectronics and is a director of Memsic. He was an early investor in firms including Techwell and Advanced Analogic Technologies. He received his J.D. from Cornell University and a B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Michigan.

Fred Warren

Fred Warren is the non-executive chairman of the Ooyala board of directors. Fred co-founded Brentwood Associates, the West Coast venture capital investment firm that was an early investor in Apple, Prince, and Harman International. He also has been President and CEO of Westland Capital Corporation and General Television, Inc. Today, Fred serves as a director and advisor for companies including Slingshot Sports, NeoMedix, and Everest Sciences. He holds an engineering degree from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Sean Knapp

Sean Knapp is a co-founder of Ooyala. As Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, he oversees all products and engineering and helps define and execute Ooyala's technology vision. Sean previously worked at Google, where he developed and launched the company's customizable home page.