Korea Content Platform

Increased visibility and efficiency through automation


After launching their SVOD (Subscription-Video-On-Demand) service in 2017, KCP quickly realized that they had complex business rules requiring manual processes in their operations, and that resulted in errors and missing of deadlines to distribute content.

With a high volume of metadata and assets coming from different partners, it was difficult to get visibility into their content workflow. KCP needed a solution to orchestrate their workflows better, automate processes and have a single source of truth for their operations.


With the Ooyala Flex Media Platform deployed on cloud, KCP can now collect assets, information and different types of metadata from their partners, and automate workflows to process and manage them for publishing. Business rules behind the processes can also be configured and changed easily within the platform. With robust reporting features available on the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, KCP staff can monitor their media operations effectively and generate reports on how their content business is performing.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform also supports media workflows for B2B and B2C together in a multiple language environment, and has solid and open APIs that allow KCP to build their own user interface and develop workflow integrations against their complicated business scenarios to other systems.


KCP can now automate their media operations and get content distributed in a timely manner. The automated processes and dynamic metadata management also provides visibility, reduces errors and increases efficiency for KCP.


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