ODMedia Group

Streamlining video processing and global delivery


Content owners and distributors targeting global audiences face significant costs and complexities in ensuring the right format requirements are met. ODMedia needed a solution that could help manage and automate workflow processes while addressing the scale and complexity of delivering different local versions of content across traditional and new media platforms.


ODMedia uses the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, a flexible and configurable content supply chain optimization platform, to streamline its time and resource consuming workflow processes. The platform allows ODMedia to automate and better manage internal media workflow tasks that are multiplying along with its rapid growth.

The partnership also addresses scale and complexity in producing different local versions of content by streamlining the processes for content companies seeking to deliver local experiences across traditional and new media platforms. This means getting content to market faster, and at a lower cost – unlocking opportunities for content owners in every region.


The strategic partnership is a major step in helping content owners reach global audiences and markets realizing new revenues more quickly. The combination of Ooyala Flex Media Platform and ODMedia Group to most global platforms, including the likes of Netflix, Google Play, iTunes and YouTube, has enabled broadcasters and content owners to deliver content to any platform, any time, in any format, cost effectively.

ODMedia is now able to better serve the demands of media companies seeking to grow and improve their operations, while expanding business opportunities of their own.


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