Reduced production time by roughly 70%


Innovate, and improve productivity and visibility for voluminous content output and operations. Develop more creative content and drive more revenue for its video business.


Ooyala Flex has helped Zoomin.TV pinpoint inefficiencies in its operations, connect teams, and automate and streamline processes including editing. The platform gives Zoomin.TV better insights into asset properties by harnessing metadata throughout a story production. Zoomin.TV has used Ooyala Flex to transform its video business — with increased content creativity and quality, reallocated resources for more productivity, and accelerated content delivery to build revenues faster.


By using Ooyala Flex, Zoomin.TV reduced its production time by roughly 70%, which means it can produce more stories or create more versions from one story.


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Reduced production time by roughly 70%

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