Metadata Management

Model, extract and manage
metadata effortlessly

Metadata Management


Take control of your metadata

Our flexible and powerful metadata management solutions help you model asset metadata, track your wider business data ― and then share it all with colleagues, third-party systems and your own workflows.

Create better metadata with A.I.

Use artificial intelligence to extract and enrich metadata quickly. The result: better asset management and search, improved  personalization, and stronger earnings.

Customize your metadata

Create metadata schemas that fit your business needs. Define relationships between assets, metadata, workflows or users, and keep it all organized with object types such as series/seasons/episodes, work orders, locations and facilities.

Set your own rules

Set your video metadata rules, your way. Create your own assets, asset groups, resources or other objects.  Then set rules for how metadata is populated, or create scriptable fields that trigger specific workflows or actions based on the input.

Design your own models

Design your metadata models graphically with our HTML5-based Metadata Designer tool. Define container field types, set access control on a per-field basis, mark searchable fields, and more.

Integrate it all

Trigger workflows directly on metadata input, thanks to integrated workflow and asset management. For a movie asset, for example, you can query a third-party database like IMDB to pull in metadata automatically.

Metadata Designer

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