Review and approve

Streamline asset
review and approval

Review and approve


Collaborate anywhere

Invite internal and external team members to review and approve assets from anywhere in the world, at any time, with full security.

Add notes and build discussions

Users can submit time-coded comments and image annotations based on specific frames within the video asset, all in real-time with OoyalaREVIEW.

Automate reviews

Trigger review sessions for assets and reviewers automatically during upload or at any established point in the workflow.

Define review parameters

Set rules so that each reviewer only looks at the components they need to, with corresponding deadlines.

Set powerful controls

Set fine-grained permissions for users inside or outside your organization. It’s easy to protect the integrity of your content and metadata. 

Allow local review

OoyalaREVIEW lets reviewers download each asset they review to their local machine for simplicity and convenience. 

Implement powerful review workflows

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Streamline content lifecycle

Streamline the whole content supply chain
with the Ooyala Flex Media Platform

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