2009 Academy of Country Music Awards Coverage to Be Showcased on ACountry.com w/ Ooyala Technology

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Mountain View, CA., March 12, 2009 - Country music fans will get an exclusive, behind the scenes online video experience when ACountry.com uses Ooyala's video publishing and monetization platform to showcase content from the Academy of Country Music Awards next month. The awards ceremony, one of country music's most watched, will take place on April 5, 2009 and ACountry.com will have online video coverage shortly thereafter.
ACountry.com will use the Ooyala Video Player to stream interviews, photos, and backstage footage from country music megastars such as Sugarland, George Strait, Taylor Swift, and Kenny Chesney. The website, which recently switched from another video service to Ooyala's Backlot video platform in December 2008, says its viewers are noticing the upgrade in video quality.
"Without even knowing I switched video providers, my viewers are saying the video quality has improved considerably. We are excited to head to Las Vegas and then use the player to share our videos," says ACountry.com Founder and Executive Producer Jarrod Vrazel.
Vrazel, who has covered the Academy of Country Music Awards for the past three years, says the site will feature more interviews and content from the Awards show than ever before. Based on ACountry.com's video analytics, he learned that content stemming from the past awards shows was among the most popular on the site. While Vrazel has used video analytics from two other platform providers, he says the analytics features in Backlot are the best he has seen so far.
"The analytics just work. They are accessible, flexible, and user friendly. Backlot's analytics show me how the videos are performing and the metrics convinced me that this year we had to expand coverage for this show," says Vrazel.
ACountry.com says web pages with video embeds yield longer site visits, as much as 200%. The site uses the videos primarily to increase ticket and music sales, in addition to providing an enhanced entertainment experience.
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