Ooyala Brings 60 One-Minute Videos to the Web for Earth Hour

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Mountain View, CA., Feb 17, 2009 - Leading online video provider, Ooyala will be powering video for 60 One-Minutes.org, a media platform that facilitates professional and user-generated content focused on raising awareness for the most important issues of our day through one minute "call to action" films, designed to inspire positive change.
The first call to action supports World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour, a global event held to raise awareness about climate change issues through the simple act of turning off the lights for one hour on March 28th, 2009 from 8:30 to 9:30pm.
Last year, 50 million people in more than 35 countries participated. This year, the event is expected to be even bigger, with an estimated 1 billion participants in 1000 cities, and will start in Fiji and end in Los Angeles, CA. The goal of Earth Hour is to illustrate that small changes made by many people can make a difference.
To help relay the Earth Hour message to a worldwide audience, Ooyala technology will be used to showcase videos related to the event on 60 One-Minutes.org and Earthhour.org. For both websites, online video will serve as a key rallying point and will be featured prominently. Ooyala is enabling video delivery, management, and publishing for this event in the highest quality video possible.
The video content itself will consist of one-minute films selected from 60 One-Minutes, that address the negative effects conventional electricity has on climate change. With Ooyala's comprehensive online video platform, Backlot, both professional and amateur filmmakers can easily upload their videos to the website. Selected videos will be showcased online via the Ooyala Video Player and available on 60 One-Minutes, Earth Hour, and Ooyala, and through other syndication partners.
Ooyala's scalable video delivery system ensures high quality video delivery for its global audience. With Ooyala's adaptive bit rate technology, which adjusts video delivery according to the needs of each individual end-user, the Ooyala Video Player offers a fast-start viewing experience and viral sharing features, without the need for additional plugins.
"Only video has the power of communicating the importance of this event with site, sound and motion. We are excited and honored to provide our technology in support of Earth Hour and the 60 One-Minute video initiative," says Ooyala CEO, Bismarck Lepe.
The videos may also be broadcast to over 58 million households on Current TV from March 28 - April 22 and selections may be featured at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. A number of celebrities, including Entourage's Adrian Grenier are on board to support Earth Hour.
About 60 One-Minutes
60 One-Minutes.org is a media initiative that facilitates creation and exchange of professional and user-generated content that aims to leverage the power of media to bring people together, focus attention on the most important issues of our day and inspire individuals to spread the word through creative contribution that raises awareness and calls for action and advocacy. All content is 60 seconds or less and thematically curated into one-hour blocks of programming addressing a special cause-related theme.
About Ooyala
Ooyala is a leading video technology company that provides a comprehensive suite of publishing, analytics, and monetization capabilities. With Ooyala's online video platform, content owners gain deep viewer insights that drive increased video engagement and monetization opportunities. Ooyala serves global media companies and web marketers including Wenner Media, Fremantle, Armani, Sybase and Electronic Arts. 
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