VeggieTalestm Creator Launches Children's Network with Online Video by Ooyala

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Mountain View, CA., Feb 26, 2009 - VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer, is launching a faith-based children's network, JellyTelly, with online video powered by Ooyala. On, children can watch a series of daily videos and interactive website content designed to educate and entertain using Christian-based themes.
Vischer, and his company Jellyfish Labs, offer a values-oriented video experience for children ages 5-11 years old. The multimedia website features a mixture of licensed video programming and JellyTelly original video content, all managed and delivered with Backlot, Ooyala's online video platform.
By leveraging Ooyala technology, JellyTelly's small staff and minimal production budget was able to build out the site an estimated 4x faster than if they had made the effort without Backlot. Shown via the Flash-based Ooyala Video Player, viewers of all ages can enjoy high quality video playback with minimal buffering and advanced video controls.
Using Backlot Analytics, the video analytics module included in the platform, JellyTelly is able to see how videos are performing and how viewers are engaging with the video.
"Analytics are integral to our ability to get sponsorship money because it demonstrates that people are watching the shows and they're watching them all the way through. It says we have an audience and that they do really want more of a particular program," says Tim Johnson, Head of Business Development, Jellyfish Labs.
Since the videos went live earlier this year, JellyTelly has gained a steady and growing following. Johnson says Ooyala technology and efficient production techniques have enabled them to create and modify content very quickly.
About Jellyfish Labs
Jellyfish Labs is the creative shop founded by Phil Vischer to develop faith-based projects for kids and families. Prior to founding Jellyfish, Phil started Big Idea Productions and led the team that brought VeggieTales to life. With a small group of veterans from Big Idea, Jellyfish Labs is working on new Christian family media projects. For more information, visit and
About Ooyala
Ooyala is a leading video technology company that provides a comprehensive suite of publishing, analytics, and monetization capabilities. With Ooyala's online video platform, content owners gain deep viewer insights that drive increased video engagement and monetization opportunities. Ooyala serves global media companies and web marketers including Wenner Media, Fremantle, Armani, Sybase and Electronic Arts.
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