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The future of video advertising is holistic
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Holistic video advertising promises to usher in a whole new era of ad sales.
Ooyala’s new white paper Holistic: The Future of Data-driven Video Advertising Revenues discusses how a holistic approach solves for the growing issue of managing and maximizing sales across both direct-sold and programmatic channels at the same time.
69% of U.S. digital video ad spending is forecast to be programmatic this year, according to eMarketer but with current programmatic video techniques, premium broadcasters and publishers aren’t able to fully optimize inventory and revenue potential or deliver an optimal user experience. 
The white paper explores five ways that holistic will change the advertising market, including accelerating programmatic entry for broadcasters and publishers by helping bridge the gap between traditional and automated sales methods. 
This holistic approach, which Ooyala Pulse employs, helps premium content providers to consistently make the best ad choices for their buyers, their audiences and their business. 
For more insights, download the white paper here.
Paula Minardi

Paula is the Head of Content Strategy at Ooyala, where she crafts insights on digital video, production and ad tech trends. She’s held previous positions at Viacom and EMI, with focus areas including video content development, distribution and marketing.

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