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Media logistics: 6 ways to take charge of your digital broadcast future
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Ooyala’s new white paper 6 Ways to Take Control of Your Digital Broadcast Future discusses how video content producers and broadcasters are learning to adjust, adapt, and thrive in the digital workflow era with help from media logistics. 
Media logistics platforms help manage the new content demands driving the market and the transition to modern digital workflows that are non-linear, internet protocol (IP) or cloud-based.
At every stage of the media supply chain, companies are turning to digital technologies—for activities including file transfer, encoding, storage and more. A recent survey found that their cloud video encoding volume alone has increased 63% since 2015.
The white paper reviews six focus points including:
Understanding the areas that will see immediate vs. longer-term benefits from IP workflows 

Building a truly holistic view of operations 

Putting data to work for more successful content

Embracing automation

It shows how companies can improve time to market, save money and prepare for the future with help from media logistics platforms like Ooyala Flex.
For more insights, download the white paper here.
Paula Minardi

Paula is the Head of Content Strategy at Ooyala, where she crafts insights on digital video, production and ad tech trends. She’s held previous positions at Viacom and EMI, with focus areas including video content development, distribution and marketing.

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