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Video Solutions for Studios

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Face delivery challenges

The modern studio faces many challenges to deliver shows globally to their consumers on multiple platforms. To stay competitive, the content pipeline needs to be more efficient, the ability to track and get value from assets and being able to make changes quickly is essential. The need for all parts of the pipeline, both business and creative, to be connected to allow collaboration and make informed decisions is key, and the Ooyala Flex Media Platform makes it possible.

Benefits Studios

Increase productivity and revenues

  • Remove repetitive error prone manual tasks
  • Powerful but simple to create workflows that enforce business rules and processes
  • Easily manage and track distributed staff resources
  • Directly publish and monetize content you own
  • Deliver to multiple platforms and markets from a single platform

Understand your content pipeline

  • Use existing metadata and create custom metadata throughout the process
  • Monitor the status of every task and every team to keep your production on track
  • See every part of your media supply chain in real time and make informed decisions
  • Remove bottlenecks and deliver optimizations with clear data
  • Keep content secure in one place with full tracking

Remove production silos

  • Integrate all media and business tools in your content supply chain on a single platform
  • Track, manage and collaborate on content throughout the pipeline
  • Leverage existing tools to power new integrated workflows that connect seamlessly

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