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Unclog your pipeline

Unclog your pipeline. Top-quality delivery in many formats, to many platforms, around the globe: that’s the first goal of media production today. It takes a solution that can orchestrate and optimize the whole production pipeline. And that starts with deep metadata that connects all the critical elements of your pipeline as one

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Ooyala Flex Media Plataform
Pre-production and Commissioning
Maximize resource and content planning based on data-driven decisions.
Seamlessly integrate existing production systems to optimize critical aspects of the content creation process.
Ingest and Import
Maximize your content library with powerful tools that reliably ingest, enrich and track your video assets.
Post-production and Preparation
Unify key workflows and streamline the editing & review process with a powerful content management platform.
Archive, Storage
and QC
Leverage top of the line solutions that optimize the quality, availability and protection of videos assets.
broadcating, playout
and multiplatform
Maximize reach with flexible tools that will get your content in front of the right audience at the right time.
Business Insights
and Reporting
Make more informed decisions with a powerful set of reporting tools that collect data at every stage of the content supply lifecycle.

Content Production Solution Modules

Workflow Orchestration

Automate every step, from ingest to distribution. ››

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Media Asset Management

Take end-to-end control of your media assets. ››

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Deliver your content to all platforms and markets automatically. ››

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Monitor your systems, track every action, and then measure success. ››

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Review and Approve

Workflow driven processes delivering quicker approvals. ››

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Break down silos

Connect every part of your content supply chain with a single platform as you manage your media production end to end. Robust APIs, scripting and an open plugin framework let you orchestrate all of your business-critical media processes.

Create a single source of truth

Take full control of your assets and metadata. Create, store, search and categorize assets and their associated metadata. Define hierarchical relationships between assets and create custom metadata fields that work for your business.

Adapt to market changes

Make those business-critical changes faster: update and add new technologies, workflows, distribution partners and offerings. It’s all easier because the Ooyala Flex Media Platform is configurable, scriptable, extensible and built to grow as you do.

Eliminate manual error

Automate everything, from transcoding to QC and packaging, with custom workflows to meet any business need. Even task notifications can be automated, so you can stop relying on emails, spreadsheets and Google docs.

Gain full visibility

See every part of your media supply chain in real time. Monitor the status of every task and every team to keep your production on track. Then step back to look at the big picture, measure success and set new goals.

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