Manage, measure and monetize OTT video

Earn more—from ads, subscriptions, pay-per-view, or a blend of all three—as you engage your current viewers and bring in new ones.

How do you want to monetize your video?



Earn the most from every video and every view. Ooyala’s data-driven advertising solution optimizes performance and helps your CPMs rise along with your viewership.



Grow your business with a seamless subscription management system that is easy to set up and maintain. Keep existing users, acquire new ones and lock in recurring revenues.



Generate new revenues with pay-per-view, download-to-own or rentals. Choose from a variety of transaction options without costly and time-intensive integration efforts.

Bigger audiences


Whether your video business relies on advertising, subscriptions, or pay-per-view transactions, Ooyala can help you build bigger audiences and earn more


Deliver high-quality video anywhere and anytime

Whether your premium video is live, on-demand or TV everywhere, you can manage, publish and syndicate it to any device or platform.

Make smarter business decisions

Really understand audience behavior and consumption patterns with insights from our award-winning analytics platform, Ooyala IQ. Powerful real-time analytics to help you optimize your operations, content and yield strategies.

Boost revenues as you engage more

Keep viewers watching longer with video recommendations from Ooyala Discovery. Decrease subscriber churn, increase ad inventory and pay-per-view turnover with personalized video across all screens.

Accelerate success

To help you make the most of your video investment, we offer a portfolio of world-class services and support. From consulting to training, you’ll feel the difference. Visit our Services page to learn more.



Asset and metadata management plus workflow orchestration in a single solution to help streamline your entire media operation.


Powerful and flexible online video platform to ingest, package and deliver personalized video to any device.


Holistic video advertising solution. Optimize inventory yield across direct and programmatic channels and increase ad revenues.